About Me

Debbie is a talented multidisciplinary artist. Her most recent accomplishment is becoming a full blown web designer at Sessions College for Professional Design in 2011, leveraging her creativity and her computational skills.

Before joining the web design community, Debbie received a bachelors and masters degree in architecture from Florida International University, 2006 and 2008 respectively. It was there where she solidified her design and spatial vision, while acquiring technological skills. Some of her best projects were exhibited at the Frost Art Museum and the SOA gallery while attending FIU.

Her passion for art was developed and nourished when Debbie was 4 years old as she started dancing for the Ballet Metropolitano de Caracas. She had the opportunity to perform in the most prestigious venue in Venezuela, the Teatro Teresa CarreƱo between the years of 1989-1999 and one special occasion at the Florence Gould Hall in New York City in 1995.

Debbie employs a blend of all her disciplines to create amazing final products and because of her broad background all clients will be well represented with her.

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